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About Aeroelectronics, Inc.

Aeroelectronics Inc Integrity, Transparency, Consistency and Relationship are goals we set to achieve daily. Our Quality System is designed to help us meet our goals.

Aeroelectronics offers a complete line of industrial supplies: from production to cleanup, office to shop, and plant maintenance to construction site. Contact us for more information and pricing. 

About Aeroelectronics, Inc     About Aeroelectronics, Inc

Terms & Conditions

  1. We reserve the right to review the products, procedures, processes and equipment associated with this order at all suppliers’ (and any sub-tier suppliers)’ facilities used in the fulfillment of this order with appropriate notification. This right extends to our customers and all applicable regulatory agencies.
  2. All special processes required by this PO must be performed by qualified personnel.
  3. Product documentation retained by the supplier shall include the name/product description or other positive identification, and applicable issues of specifications, drawings, process requirements, inspection instructions and other relevant technical data (e.g. revision level).
  4. Detection of a nonconforming product regarding any order (currently in work or previously shipped) must be promptly communicated to our quality department.
  5. Any changes in product or process definition, changes of suppliers or change of manufacturing facility location must be promptly communicated to our quality department.
  6. Suppliers are not, under any circumstance, granted MRB authority to alter the product characteristics.
  7. Acceptance of this order grants right of access by Aeroelectronics, Inc (or designated representative), our customer, and any applicable regulatory authorities to all facilities involved in the order, as well as access to all applicable quality records.
  8. If any of this order is outsourced to your suppliers, all applicable requirements and specifications must be communicated (including all applicable key characteristics) to each sub-tier supplier used.
  9. Conformance records showing that the purchased items meet specifications are required for each applicable line item.
  10. Suppliers must maintain conformance and traceability records regarding the product or service provided in regards to this order for a period of 7 years.
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