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Distributor of Industrial Supplies

For industrial service supplies and products, our clients in North Central, Fort Worth, Dallas, Arlington, Mid-Cities Texas areas have come to rely on Aeroelectronics. We deliver a comprehensive variety of high quality materials from top manufacturers in this field, including J-B Weld. Kwikweld Setting Steel reinforced epoxy functions as a fast setting version of the J-B Weld cold weld system. It creates adhesion with a strength rating of 2424 psi, a set time of 6 minutes and a 4 to 6 hour cure time. Aeroelectronics also carries chemicals from Pharmco-Aaper, which include their pure, undenatured Ethanol. This ethyl alcohol is among the highest quality in the world, and has a myriad of uses including applications as fuel and as a solvent for different types of coatings. We are also well known as a major source for industrial janitorial supplies. Many top brands from leading wholesalers are available, including Wypall, Rubbermaid, Lysol, and many more.

To learn more about the many various industrial service supplies available from Aeroelectronics, please contact us directly.

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For Highlighted Information about our Industrial Supplies, See Below.

J-B Weld
Kwikweld Quick-Setting Steel Reinforced Epoxy
  • Fast setting version of the original cold weld system
  • Strength is 2424 PSI
  • Set time is 6 minutes
  • Cure time is 4 to 6 hours
  • Cure color is dark grey
  • Permanent bond can be shaped, tapped, filed, sanded, and drilled when curing is complete
Pure Undenatured Ethanol
  • No other additives or denaturants
  • Among the highest quality in the world
  • Alcohol is non-consumable “beverage grade” quality
  • Authorized as a solvent for cellulose coatings, synthetic resin coatings, and shellac coatings
  • Available as a component for automobile, airplane, rocket and jet fuels
Krylon® Industrial
Marking Paint
  • Krylon® Industrial Quik-Mark Marking paints put down a line you can trust for all types of marking
  • Temporary to long term marks
  • Delivers fast drying, high solids formula - no fading, penetrates hot, cold or wet surfaces
  • Quik-Mark TALLBOY Inverted Marking Paint, Quik-Mark Inverted Marking Paint, Quick-Mark Inverted Marking Chalk, Overhead Marking Paint, Quik-Mark Hand Held Marking Wand with Flag Holder
Krylon® Industrial
Industrial Coatings
  • Krylon® Industrial offers the MRO, Welding, and Construction users a liquid bulk coatings program
  • Offering durable protection in light to moderate industrial environments
  • Complete line of water based, solvent based, epoxy, and urethane formulations
  • For safety, durability, performance and aesthetics
  • Graffiti Barrier, Rust Tough® Acrylic Modified Alkyd Enamel, Rust Tough® 250 Acrylic Modified Alkyd Enamel, Modified Alkyd Industrial Enamel - 42 Series, Industrial Alkyd Enamel - 53 Series
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